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Bilt is born in Ferrara about 12 years ago. It produces water treatment systems and offers domestic and professional solutions for water’s care.

We have a real mission, as water is a precious good for the whole world and for every leaving being.

Listening to people, to the market where we operate and, generally to the whole world, concretizes in an intense and scrupulous activity of research to design advanced products primed to subtract limestone to water, heavy metals or impurities, as they are an obstacle to the complete healthiness of the beverages. Our idea was born from the exigence of disposing to our customers an anti-scale system product, cheaper and more performing than the already existing ones. We refer both to vending and Ho.re.ca markets, without forgetting the presence of Bilt in the domestic range.

Our culture of water is “live green”. For that, Bilt is registered at the National Register Waste Management, respecting the regulations on Environment’s Protection.

Bilt is not only in Italy but also in Spain – Bilt Spain in Barcelona, and in Austria – Bilt Gmbh in Klagenfurt. We all cooperate to aim the same goal, enclosing the same Bilt’s spirit, i.e. the constant improvement of the already existing techniques in water treatment.

We work and offer services aimed to satisfy our customers’ needs, trying to solve promptly every problem.

Bilt Team Always at your Service

Luigi Ture


Alberth Panduru

Export Manager

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Water Treatment Systems

Professional and Domestic water treatment solutions.



Professional and Domestic water softening Tools Parts.



Anti-vandal system for vending machines security.