BarBi Blu

Water for the best bars


BarBiBlu is an innovative system of anti-scaling water treatment (patented) for professional coffee machines. It is based on a technology (nano-filtration) which is able to remove selectively Calcium and Magnesium bicarbonates from water and to reduce other salts, normally present in water.

The patented BILT technology allowed you to use this system without the typical circuitry reducing costs and offering an undeniable quality product as far as price and autonomy is concerned.

In addition, you can install on BarBiBlu as optional, an Antiscale pre-treatment to reduce the hardness of the incoming water and a bactericide lamp to guarantee the total absence of bacterial proliferation, usually due to the hydraulic interconnections, external to the device.

Technical File

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Every BILT product specifies on its label the waste European Code, which indicates the typology of the waste – in this particular case a Non Hazardous Special Waste – and which typology of waste disposal professional plant have to process it (obviously the only ones who has a specific authorization in processing that particular code). In no case, the product can be disposed of in the ordinary way.