NICAL 125 | 250

Light Pureness


NICAL little softener has been developed and built to be connected to OCS (Office Cup System) coffee machines equipped with suction pipe.

All its parts are made of plastic materials and in compliance with current Ministerial Decree in relation with the identified destination use.

It is composed of a single column containing a particular blend of resin, ideal to retain cations present in water.

Technical Files

Download Nical 125 Technical File


Download Nical 250 Technical File


Every BILT product specifies on its label the waste European Code, which indicates the typology of the waste – in this particular case a Non Hazardous Special Waste – and which typology of waste disposal professional plant have to process it (obviously the only ones who have a specific authorization in processing that particular code). In no case, the product can be disposed of in the ordinary way.