TANISAN 15 | 20 | 25 Litri

The instinct of preservation


Thanks to Tanisan is possible to preserve drinkable water avoiding that high temperature or light can deteriorate or contaminate it.

Tanisan is also able to keep wine without adding chemical substances (sulphites). It will not ever evolve in vinegar as the microbial activity responsible of acetification is completely deactivated.

Tanisan is efficacy also in oil storage, as Tanisan contains silver nano-particles mixed with its plastic meld that prevents unpleasant tastes and can undermine the product.

Technical File

Download Tanisan 15 Technical File Download Tanisan 20 Technical File Download Tanisan 25 Technical File


Every BILT product specifies on its label the waste European Code, which indicates the typology of the waste – in this particular case a Non Hazardous Special Waste – and which typology of waste disposal professional plant have to process it (obviously the only ones who has a specific authorization in processing that particular code). In no case, the product can be disposed of in the ordinary way.